“Naked” photos of Gluk’oza’s made a lot of noise in the Network

«Голое» фото Глюк'oZы наделало много шума в Сети The star never ceases to please fans with photos from Maldives, where she is resting and doing yoga. However, one picture has caused protivorechivye feedback from her fans. Natalia showed candid scenes from the beach where clothes wearing only a thin Thong and a flower garland.

      «Голое» фото Глюк'oZы наделало много шума в Сети

      Natalia Ionova tired from the busy capital and decided to go to relax on the Maldives. Together with Gluk’oza resting her spouse Alexander Chistyakov, and friend Ksenia Sobchak and Olga Ryzhkova. Girls start their day with yoga: they practice different asana, stand on your head, and stretch. Photos of class beauty share in microblogging. All the footage is accompanied by the hashtag #yogaslimteam, is the name of their program, which translates as “the losing weight through yoga”.

      Despite intermittent rain, which now happen in the Maldives, Natalia manages to catch the sun watch and enjoy the sun on the beach. The singer has posted a candid photo from the coast of the ocean. Ionova’s portraying himself in the Nude on the beach of a luxury hotel. Her bare chest covering for a flower garland Hawaiian-style, and on the thigh you can see the filament from melting. The photo is captioned with a line from the song Lana Del Rey “Dark Paradise”: “Every time I close my eyes it’s like a dark paradise”.

      A provocative frame instantly caused a reaction from the fans. “Beautiful woman! Do not say anything, there than eyes sharpen”, “Magical! Complete harmony! Great motivation for Yogini and slap in the face for had time to mention the vulgarity,” “a Figure is a bomb!”, – wrote caring followers of Natalia. By the way, some have compared this photo Ionova with the staff, which recently laid out Anastasia Volochkova Maldives.

      This is not the first case when the ions shows his toned body. On one of the social events in mid-April, the singer appeared in a translucent dress, which accentuated beautiful legs of the star. Husband of Natalia Alexander absolutely not against such a choice of outfits. In an interview Glyuk’oza told me that one of the dresses with open neckline bought it for her husband. The singer fully trust the taste Chistyakov. Alexander, in turn, usually accompanies openly dressed wife in the evenings, to protect her from unwanted male attention.

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