“Naked” photo of the Vines blew Network

«Голое» фото Лозы взорвало Сеть Star of TV series has delighted fans by posting a provocative picture, where she poses Topless. Fans of Eugenia Vines was delighted at her courage. They began a stormy discussion, the candid frame. According to users of social networks, Eugene is in great shape.

      «Голое» фото Лозы взорвало Сеть

      32-year-old star of TV series “East-West” Eugene Loza recently delighted fans. The actress posted a photograph of her posing half-naked. Eugene was not afraid and she appeared Topless, showing fans the dignity of the figure. “Morning Vine” – with these words the actress has signed a provocative frame that caused a storm of emotions among the public.

      Evgeniya Loza: “I’m not looking for anyone, and I don’t need nobody”

      Fans of Eugenia began to discuss a candid shot and to write her lots of compliments. According to many, the Vine is in fine form. However, after some time, the actress decided to remove the resonant publication without explanation.

      Note that the famous actress often shares with her fans for provocative photos. In the microblog Eugenia, you can find the shots where she’s doing yoga or resting with friends, but candid shots appear on Instagram artist is extremely rare.

      By the way, the TV star has repeatedly admitted that her lovely form is due to good heredity. In addition, Eugene is trying not to eat fatty foods and drink lots of water. As for sports, the Vine is not among the ladies, torturing yourself at the gym. Instead, it performs the asana at home. In recognition of Eugene she belongs to physical exercise without fanaticism.

      From the beginning, acting the way Eugene for the Vine I got the image of Turgenev girl. In an interview with “StarHit” the actress admitted that she was tired of the constant comparisons with the characters of classic literature. However, the heroine of the actress in the acclaimed Russian-Turkish TV series “East-West” was absolutely contrary to the role that has been assigned to Eugenia. “Another age, and the characteristics and experience… Thanks to Director Dennis mount of Olives for the fact that he gave such an opportunity,” said Vine.

      After the success of the Russian-Turkish melodrama Eugene played a tough and ambitious woman judge who held a grudge against a loved one. The role of the Marina in the TV series “Forget me, mom!” was a real surprise for fans of the Vines. Director Dennis mount of olives invited the artist to do this project after a productive cooperation in multiserial film “East-West”. “All in good time, and my characters change along with me,” said Vine.