“Naked” photo Glyuk’ozy caused a strong reaction of the fans

«Голое» фото Глюк"оZы вызвало бурную реакцию фанатов
The singer was photographed without underwear.

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova

Photo: @Instagram chistyakova_ionova Natalia Ionova

The Rest Of Natalia Ionova
(Bug”оZа) in company Xenia Sobchak and their friends in the Maldives came to an end. On
farewell to the island, the singer published a picture, on which clothes are present
only semi-transparent tunic with a deep spicy slits on the sides.
Strategically important places, the singer closed with asterisks.

Most fans approved of the risky Natalia. “Not anything vulgar here
see. Everything is covered, everything is fine. Natasha well done!” commented one of the fans. “She
also on the island, there’s even Nude go — it is not crowded! And to hide a beautiful body –
at all sin! Take your envy! She looks great!” — added another fan. However, some fans decided that Natalia is a bit “overdone”. “Natasha, you’re very pretty but you wonder these photos spread to the public…” — wrote one dissatisfied.

We will remind, quite recently,
Ionova has published another picture no less explicit content. Singer
posed Topless, covering intimate parts of the body beads large
colors. Then, after the publication of the photos in your blog, in the comments
broke out a real war between those who believed that it is beautiful, and those
who openly condemned the singer for nudity.

Holidays Xenia and Natalya
passed, not only for photo shoots in swimsuits and without. Girls also
did a lot of yoga, which is specially from India “wrote” himself
instructor. By the way, stopped the cheerful company of the hotel that was recommended
former lover Sobchak, Dmitry Savitsky.

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