Naked Natalia Storm was called “the grandmother in climax”

Раздетую Наталью Штурм назвали «бабкой в климаксе» 51-year-old singer of the hit “high School romance” is not afraid to show their charms, which regularly become cause for heated debates on the Internet. Recently Natalie Storm stirred up by the followers, where she poses without clothes.
Раздетую Наталью Штурм назвали «бабкой в климаксе»

Recently, the singer Natalia Shturm regularly surprised fans with picturesque shots of her posing Topless. Provocative images of the singer of the hit “high School romance” cause heated discussions on the Internet. While some admire the slender figure of the actress, while others criticize her for her excessive frankness. Natalie humorously refers to the comments of detractors and seems to Troll them even more by posting a new “hot” photos.

Recently, the Storm once again provoked active discussion in the Network. This time the woman decided to go beyond normal. The photo that appeared in the microblog singer, she lies on the rocks with no clothes on. Their private parts covered celebrity bell peppers.

Spiteful critics immediately began to accuse Natalia in the spread too honest personnel. In their opinion, a woman who is the mother, not supposed to be naked in public places and to capture yourself on camera. Such actions, wrote the hate is completely unacceptable. They recommended the Assault immediately delete the post and rethink their behavior.

Раздетую Наталью Штурм назвали «бабкой в климаксе»

The singer got acquainted with the reaction of users of social networks. Apparently, Natalia was surprised by the large number of aggressive statements in his address. The woman decided to terminate discussions in Instagram. In addition, the artist has led several violent remarks of envious and made it clear that the opinions of haters absolutely not interested.

“Oh, the hell… Burned fence – Gori hut! Turn off comments and leave you alone with your thoughts high,” shared Natalya, accompanied by the post hashtags “horror”, “Granny in climax”, “crazy”, “gross”, “pervert”, “unsubscribe” and “what will Princess Maria Alekseevna”.

Earlier provocative pictures Natalia’s Assault, in which she is depicted Topless swimsuit, was in the Bulgarian press. Journalists of foreign publications wrote a note about the bare singer. She was pleased with the publication in the media. “A photo is the most stylish set! Feel Kirkorov, where style and modern. Clever, this is my favorite photo,” commented the singer.

By the way, the woman decided to lift the veil of secrecy over who it takes. According to Natalia, the author of “naked” shots – her friend max.

“He’s not a professional photographer, it was a spontaneous experience-improvisation on a given topic. I like to discover people’s hidden talents. Maxim, of course, will develop over time if you want. But it is quite another area and work to do. The idea of my peppers – me and scold,” shared the Assault.