Naked Love Tolkalina caught in the field with a friend

Голую Любовь Толкалину застукали в поле с подругой The actress once again decided to candid shots. This time the star was naked in a field with a friend. Tolkalina explained that such a way to celebrate the occasion. Photos of the actress caused a stir in the Network.
Голую Любовь Толкалину застукали в поле с подругой

Lyubov Tolkalina has once again published on the personal page in Instagram a series of candid photos on the background of classical Russian landscape. Nude actress sitting in the lap of greenery, it is worth noting that such outrageous pictures for artist the usual.

Only this time Tolkalina decided to strip in front of camera is not one. In the pictures next to the actress sits another woman named Olga. Love explained why he dumped the sexy call of the public.

“Solstice… Solstice… Dress in sunlight… Come the day of the entry of the sun God in full force. Today combined all four elements – fire, water, earth and air. Guessing” – shared Love.
Голую Любовь Толкалину застукали в поле с подругой
Голую Любовь Толкалину застукали в поле с подругой

The actress is not the first time exposed in front of the camera. In the early 2000’s years, the then aspiring actress took part in an erotic photo shoot for Playboy magazine, won the hearts of millions of men. Later in the same year, her love and her ex-lover, film Director Yegor Konchalovsky’s daughter Maria. Also Tolkalina brought unprecedented success to the cult of the Russian blockbuster “Antikiller”. The film had a lot of explicit scenes with the actress.

It should be noted that Yegor Konchalovsky did not interfere with Tolkalina the desire to undress in front of the camera. Actress and Director lived together for about 15 years, the exact date of their separation is unknown. The stories of friends, couples, Love and Egor fought a lot, but quickly put up, raised her daughter Mary. In the beginning of their romance the lovers might even pick a fight, which they themselves admitted to journalists.

Today Egor new family, where a son Timur. Hides her personal life from the public and journalists. Grown-up daughter Mary surprised fans of the star couple looks, the girl quickly lost for the year to 30 kilograms, enjoys the creativity and is very similar to the famous parents.

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