Naked Elena Kondulainen has launched a flash mob

Раздетая Елена Кондулайнен запустила флешмоб The actress turned to colleagues and fans. Elena Kondulainen tired from the cold, but because he wants to channel all energies to the improvement in the weather. She believes that this action will be able to cheer up her friends and followers.
Раздетая Елена Кондулайнен запустила флешмоб

Recently, the famous actress Elena Kondulainen went on a journey for the Dominican Republic. She perfectly spent time sunbathing on the beaches, visited various attractions and make new acquaintances. Actress surprised her fans with the bikini – they noted that toned body Elena is admirable. 59-year-old Elena Kondulainen bare on the beach of the Dominican Republic

Kondulainen upset that now in Moscow is not hot: in the middle of may this year was abnormally cold. However, the actress decided to try to call summer weather due to the unusual action – she turned to colleagues and fans with a specific proposal.

“Friends, I have an idea to start a flash mob called “summer Institute” that heat came…it is Necessary to wear a swimsuit and show that we are ready to tan. And now I’m on social networks send the call. Put the picture in a bathing suit and I urge you all to put her under the hashtag #vozbuditeli #gaypride. Summer is hear and the heat will come,” – said Kontulainen.
Раздетая Елена Кондулайнен запустила флешмоб

Elena admitted that he had never tried to run a similar activity in social networks. She said “StarHit” that dared to try to organize such a campaign. Apparently, it was inspired by a trip to a hot country.

“Tired of the cold, and I thought that if many share my desire “to ward of the heat”, it is necessary to call. They say that the power of the people can affect the weather, so I decided to check it out. And suddenly it is? The heat will come, and many will be able to enjoy swimming, good weather and the sun. ‘ve never participated in flash mobs and don’t know what it is. This is my experiment. And suddenly we will help nature to tune in to the summer season,” admitted the star of theatre of the moon.

Раздетая Елена Кондулайнен запустила флешмоб

Elena hopes that friends and fans will support her initiative. It believes that such action can raise the mood of everyone around us.

“It’s like the children’s game of “sun come, sun Shine.” Here let people stay positive and not to abuse all around, from us, is also something depends. If we are angry, and the sun doesn’t want us to Shine,” admitted “StarHit” Kondulainen.