“Naked” dress: now and the wedding!

«Голые» платья: теперь и свадебные!

The Israeli designer has released a line of wedding dresses, to wear that dare not every bride.

Of course, in our time, a white dress with a veil no longer perceived as a symbol of chastity. And a deep neckline and open back wedding dress no surprise. But the latest collection by Israeli designer is still a bit shocking…

From dresses Alon Livne eye-catching: pearls, lace, fancy embroidery… But at the same time, so to speak, pretty much body is in sight. Nail collection – dress-bodysuit, more like a leotard with attached long train.

The Creator of this beauty is a young designer Alon Livne, who started his career in the fashion business at age 18 and has worked with such famous brands as Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli. And also to get their fans several international stars, including Paris Hilton and Beyonce.

Women creativity the Shower also had in mind: pictures of wedding dresses gather on the Internet rave reviews. And, no doubt, in a bold brides who wish to go to the altar in one of his dresses, there is no shortage. Although still unclear: why would the bride be stressed sexy outfit? Groom’s interest? So it is and so are unlikely to escape…

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