Голый Дмитрий Нагиев завещал свое тело науке

The showman has put out another sex tape, and brought the podeschi crazy.

In Instagram presenter of 121 publication, but that no post is the bomb! Is Dmitry to show at least some nudity as the girls screaming delight. The next news presenter broke a few hours ago. He not only lit up the mighty torso, but also “sang” under the sexual music.

A site for shooting a new movie Nagiyev chose the gym. Not surprising, right? That’s where men show his toughness.

Tanned actor with naked torso sits around all sweaty on the treadmill and sexy sighs to the song “My Bed Is Too Big Blue System.

Nagiev signed video: “Leaving my body to science. Only if they will not laugh.”

Women don’t have to wait long and began to offer Dmitry first, willing myself to them.

“My God, let me have it!” – wrote one fan.

“Dima, you’re a stunner,” replied the other.

Leave its body to science. Only if they will not laugh.

Video posted by Dmitry Nagiyev (@nagiev.universal) Aug 21 2016 at 9:34 PM PDT

In just 3 hours the video got 400 thousand views. Nagiyev and it only showed a piece of the naked body!

Imagine what would have happened, you Dmitry in is swimming trunks or underwear like David Beckham? Girls would have eaten all the advertising.

To understand the hype around Nagila: 49 have a body… And about charisma too silent. Here it is – the sex symbol of our time.

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