Голая Кристина Агилера устроила фотосессию в ванной
Fans of the actress trying to guess what hinted the singer.

Голая Кристина Агилера устроила фотосессию в ванной

recently 37-year-old Christina Aguilera was impressed by their fans. The singer posed for a series
stylish black-and-white pictures taken in the bathroom where it appears to the
the audience without clothes. The only thing that covers “strategic point”
Christina is a lather and her palm.

was very sexy, much more bold than it usually allows itself
singer. Because Christina did not explain the meaning of “photomessage”,
her fans began to speculate that she
in fact, I wanted to say. The majority concluded that such
the way it advertises its next album, hinting that it will be sustained in the
the style of her earlier album called Stripped.

Голая Кристина Агилера устроила фотосессию в ванной

by the way, recently, Aguilera gave another reason to talk about myself. Spread
hearing that the singer is waiting for a third child. The fact that when she appeared on
the presentation of the new collection of Stella McCartney attending drew
attention to the fact that her waist is noticeably rounded. And the lips of the singer looked
obviously chubbier than usual, as often happens in pregnant women. In addition, all
I remembered that Christina, who always loved to show their
form, recently suddenly somehow fell in love with the shapeless jackets and sweaters.
All this has forced to suspect that Aguilera is pregnant again. However, she
Cristina has not yet confirmed this rumor, although he has not denied.

a firstborn son, max Christina gave birth in 2008. His father was
the now ex-husband singer — producer Jordan Bratman, with whom she lived
5 years and divorced in 2010. her second child, daughter summer, she gave birth to
in August of 2014 from your
boyfriend Matthew Rattler, which began Dating soon after divorce
with Bratman.