Naked Anton Gusev has caused public outrage

Голый Антон Гусев вызвал возмущение общественности The girl was invited to the intimate lover. Victoria romanet shared in the microblog spicy frame that Anton Gusev is depicted without clothes. The intent of the photographer, nudity men covered Tulip.
Голый Антон Гусев вызвал возмущение общественности

Ex-participants of “House-2” Victoria romanet and Anton Gusev willing to publicize details of their relationship. They often post in Instagram a piquant publications, which demonstrate the feelings and show affection to each other. Most joint shots pair appears almost naked. However, followers of celebrities are only too happy to such records.

Recently, in the microblogging girl has another photo of an intimate nature. It captured the beauty of the beloved completely naked. The only thing that covered part of the body of a young man at the frame – Bud red flower. “I love tulips. Especially in this combination,” simply signed post romanet.

However, such a Frank admission is not liked by other users of the social network. They were quick to criticize a celebrity for inappropriate behavior. Some of them asked the girl not to provoke the Internet gossip and to immediately delete the post.

“Vic! Why are you so? The man’s cold, probably!”, “Oh, not too openly? Maybe at least a t-shirt will give him?”, “Such images place in the family album, but not here! Think, please, And I like the frame! It is art, not just Amateur shooting! You should try professional photography,” commented followers brunettes her entry.

Victoria herself chose not to respond to an opinion condemning. She probably already accustomed to the unkindness on the part of some subscribers. She believes that love and understanding with a partner is much more important than public opinion. By the way, now the pair is going through one of the best moments in their relationship. Recently, Anton has made a beloved proposal of marriage.

Recall that engagement Gusev and romanet took place less than two months ago. Then the man came seriously to the organization of the event. He long picked up the ring, place and words to ask the most important question in his life. Thankfully, Victoria agreed. Now the pair is preparing for the celebration and already hints at replacements. The young man is sure that his beloved will be a great mom. Engagement Gusev and Romanets: “I begged Vicky forgiveness for cheating”