Надя Ручка растрогала нежным снимком с новорожденным сыном
The singer is experiencing incredible emotions after childbirth.

Photo: @nadiaruchka Instagram Nadi Handle

Nadia’s Pen three days ago for the first time became a mother. The artist and her lover Denis have a long-awaited son. The singer gave birth in a prestigious Metropolitan hospital. Soon Nadia will be out: she and the little lion, so called the baby, go home.

Today, the Pen has shared a tender photo that touched the hearts of her friends and fans. The image with the tiny leg of a Lion was published together with the revelation of Nadia that after birth, her life changed dramatically. “My world flipped and filled with love to the heavens, when I kiss these native sensitive paws!” — said Nadia.

Recall that in November last year, the beloved Pen had proposed to her, but soon the singer found out that she was pregnant, so the wedding was postponed. By the way, coincidentally, shortly before the pregnant Nadya woke up the instinct of “nesting”: it started a repair in the house. Handle sure that Dennis was the man she was waiting for all my life and never doubt in your choice. “I think all we women subconsciously feel when ready for motherhood, especially when we meet the true love of the person ready to live life!” — said Nadia 7days.ru shortly before pregnancy.