Надя Ручка впервые стала мамой The soloist of group “Brilliant” gave birth to a lovely baby. The happy event occurred on Thursday in one of the Moscow clinics. Hope and her partner Dennis are on the seventh heaven and receive numerous congratulations from friends and relatives.
Надя Ручка впервые стала мамой

Today it was announced that the soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle celebrates the addition to the family. The singer gave his elect Denis Barco adorable baby name and gender of which is still unknown. Happy mother feels good and receives warm wishes from family and friends.

A week before the happy event, the singer saw a doctor and signed a contract. The company the actress made her friend Svetlana Yermolov. “Waiting for the miracle. I don’t know why God gives me such cool friends, but I am a happy person… Happy to tears!” – Nadia wrote on Instagram.

Pen did not hide its interesting position from the public. Throughout the waiting period, the child, the artist had posted pictures on microblog, which gave a good view of her rounded belly. Nadia also regularly shared his thoughts with followers.

“Soon this interesting position will become a memory. I want to share a nice photo to six months is not spam “pregnant” pictures under the naive pretext of “I remember how it was”… OK! The only thing I really don’t want to forget is a new world, which gave me these nine months – a world in which there are no superfluous people, no random and those whom you are for some reason tolerated…” – commented the singer.

Social media users kept the actress warm words and wished her a easy delivery. “Thank you for the beautiful thought,” “Smart, beautiful, real”, “How many photos do not spread, and six months later still going to write: “Oh, how time flies”, “good luck in the new life,” discussed the followers Nadia.

At other times the Handle has admitted that pregnancy is “expected, but poyasnila space.” According to the singer, she is accustomed to its position only nine months.

Recall that for the first time about the interesting position of the soloist of the popular group became known in April. Then Nadia was on the fifth month of pregnancy. In an interview with “StarHit” the singer confirmed the happy news, but chose not to go into details. Last year beloved artist Denis made an offer to the singer. Immediately after that, the pair started a Grand renovation in the apartment. The actress said that it is ready for motherhood and found a true love.

According to journalists 7days.ru the Pen gave birth this morning in the Moscow Center for obstetrics, gynecology and Perinatology named after academician V. I. Kulakov.