Надя Ручка отравилась, пытаясь похудеть
The soloist of group “Brilliant” believed dubious means to reduce weight.

Nadia Handle

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Nadia Pen for many years did not know about the problems with overweight. From childhood he loved to eat and nourishing Borsh with pampushkas,
and salted black bread which is dipped in sunflower oil, and chocolate…
“Apparently, I’m just not inclined to corpulence. Do not feed a horse — it’s about me,”
laughs the soloist of group “Brilliant”. But seriously, become slim and
her taut, of course, helped the ballet, which she was serious with 5 to
17. To leave a favorite activity she had for health reasons. Nadia received
in University on economic faculty, gradually worked in a modeling Agency
— and only then discovered that without intense exercise weight is increasing. Determined to lose weight, she refused hearty rolls in favor of yogurt and… began to fall into the hungry fainting. Started to smoke — but after a while found
it is easier from this becomes. “I
hurt the stomach fact drinking after dinner, diluted with water, Apple cider vinegar.
Read about this “panacea from excess weight”
in some magazine. Thought as
in cleansers, it just removes the fat. Only by miracle has done without consequences,”
— says Nadia.

Bounce back helped her sport: each
the day she was doing sit-UPS, jumping, stretching… “Now three times a week I go to the gym. I like group workouts,
when all together do exercises to the music, it’s fun. Do aerobics:
thanks to her work all muscle groups,” says the artist.

And, of course, Nadia, the Handle tries to follow the diet.
“You have to understand that food is supposed to help the body to function properly and
to live. You can now fill the car with petrol, tomorrow the soup, and
the day after vodka? Our body can long afford to feed themselves slag. But
at one point, will fail”.

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