Nadia Pen will become a mother

Надя Ручка станет мамой

Singer Nadia Handle, the soloist of group “Brilliant”, will soon become a mother. As it became known, now the actress, once replaced in the team Zhanna Friske, is on the fifth month of pregnancy, this means that in the summer she is going to have her long-awaited first child.

The singer confirmed this information, and the question about the sex of the child said that she does not know who is waiting for a son or daughter.
The baby’s father is fiance Nadia Dennis, whom she is going to get married soon. About their relationship became known in February of last year, and shortly afterwards he made her an offer of marriage. The handle is not spread about his personal life, but then fans realized that Nadia met his one and only.
By the way, that Nadia is pregnant, told the capital psychic Danae Markov, who became a finalist of the show “Black and white”. According to a clairvoyant, the singer will have a son, because she feels “a strong male energy.” Well, let’s wait and see. Meantime, congratulations to the artist with the upcoming replenishment!