Надя Ручка показала новорожденного сына
The singer told about his birth.

Photo: Instagram

12 hours after birth, Nadia Pen told the fans what feelings she is feeling.

“Today, there appeared our baby — our girl — she wrote in his personal blog. — Convey the feelings of motherhood, that fills the soul, it is impossible. But I really do want to thank these Holy men who helped see our son born. Today I realized how important the team of professionals. I was shaking like a leaf, but every minute spent with them, comforted by the credibility of their experiences and actions. First, delivered by Professor Tyutyunnik Victor Leonidovich (I wanted to get in his good hands). Anesthesiologist of Pyregov Alexey, this huge male jewelry anesthetized me before the end of the action sensitively humorous and maintained my fighting spirit.
Obstetrician Mikhailova Olga Igorevna, like the mother spent almost a week at my bed and her presence at birth is generally immersed in a family atmosphere. And, of course, I can’t remain silent about this great man — the academician and the Director of the National Medical Research Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology of them AK. V. I. Kulakov. It Sukhikh Gennady T. gathered under one roof professionals and masters of their craft where now all Russia wants to go, not only in the hope of a safe delivery, but also in addressing the very serious problems of reproductive character”.