Надя Ручка показала разрушенное жилье After a busy summer of concerts, the soloist of group “Brilliant” decided to undertake the repair of the apartment. The artist decided to radically change it, which he shared with fans on social networks. Protruding from the walls of wire and pieces of plaster Nadia is not afraid, but rather inspire.

      The soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle prefer not to share with the fans details his personal life, but sometimes it makes exceptions. Recently the singer shared on Instagram a photo taken during the renovation of her apartment. In the picture you can see sticking out of the wall wires, dismantled the toilet, pieces of plaster and other not very pleasant, but familiar to anyone who has ever faced a major reworking of your home, details. However, the very arrangement of her Nadia real estate is inspiring. The actress is happy that soon the place where she lives, will change. According to Pen, it’s hard to create something different without destroying what came before it.

      “Detailed analysis… So and it was hard to imagine that your house unassembled looks pretty good and even inspiring… still, it is sometimes impossible to create the new without destroying the old… Everything else is cosmetic, decor and deception”, — said the soloist of the “Brilliant” in social networks.

      Subscribers Handle supported popular singer and wished her a painless repair. “Success and patience”, “Rightly said, in a full glass will not pour fresh water”, “wow! So interesting to see what happens,” wrote the followers of a young woman. Nadya herself has answered some of their comments. “Thank you, but in a pleasant shock,” thanked the fans of celebrity, and shared with them their impressions of the apartment design.

      By the way, this summer is for Nadia very intense. “Shiny” actively toured and gave concerts. Participants of the team were not only on the city Day in Orel, but also please visitors of the capital’s Gorky Park. After this busy work it’s time to relax, so leave the Handle is scheduled for September, as the actress in a recent interview. Apparently, on holiday Nadia will not miss, after all, the star not only sunbathing on the beach, but also will repair your favorite apartments. And plans to Handle in the near future — the development of the motorcycle. By next spring, soloist of the “Brilliant” is going to become a biker to abandon the movement on the car.

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