Надя Ручка скрыла свое замужество The singer was replaced by family status. Nadia’s Pen in mid-July, she married Denis, Barko. But the couple chose not to publicize this fact. Only now, after the birth of her son, the actress said about the wedding.
Надя Ручка скрыла свое замужество

August 17, the former soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle for the first time became a mother. She gave elect Denis Boyarko long-awaited son. The happy parents named the boy Lion. The singer does not hide that is on the seventh heaven from joy of motherhood. For an artist it was important that the child was born in wedlock. Despite the fact that many couples feel comfortable without a stamp in the passport, the lovers decided to register relations in the registry office. The singer accustomed to the public eye, but didn’t want to tell others about the wedding. The lovers married in secret from fans.

“It all happened in a wonderful historic location – the Palace hall in Kolomenskoye. Were present only the closest friends, with whom we then just walked through the Park and sat in a cafe. No festivities on this occasion did not suit the wedding later, my dream is to do it on the coast,” admitted Nadia.

The ex-soloist of “Brilliant” is also remembered as the beloved asked her to marry him. According to her, he did it without pomp. She is grateful to Denis that the man did not make a representation of such a moment.

“The proposal is made without flashy romance – without helicopters and ships. He knows I don’t like showing off. Just don’t want my husband under the Windows of the hospital were laid from balloons message or travelled in a car with the inscription “Thanks for the baby!” It’s not romantic, and corny” – says the artist.

Nadia said that did not delay the response to the proposal of her lover, she consented to become the wife of Denis. She admitted conversation with the correspondent of newspaper “Caravan of stories” that the imminent birth of a child prompted her to make this decision. Nadia’s hand for the first time became a mother

“However, with a trip to the registry office as not in a hurry, but the sign still decided before the advent of our baby into the world. Convinced that the child must be born in marriage. We set a date in late July, but the Manager, knowing my deadline was moved to the eleventh number,” said Pen.