Nadia Pen came out with 4-month-old son

Надя Ручка вышла в свет с 4-месячным сыном
The singer first appeared on a social event with a small Lion.

Nadia Pen with husband Denis and son Lion

Photo: @nadiaruchka Instagram Nadi Handle

My son Nadi Pens made their debut as a guest social events. The singer took her 4-month-old son with a Grand children’s party organized by a friend of the actress. To support the performer with a small child came Nadia’s husband Denis.

In his microblog Pen has posted photos taken during the party and told about how was the first joint publication. “It was a magical and joyfully today! Let your girls grow up healthy and happy to the delight of us all!” — went to my friend Nadia. My son’s face in the picture Nadia “hid” from the public with the help of photoshop.

Interestingly, despite the presence at the event with large concentrations of people, the Network is not “leaked” any picture where we can see the face of a Lion. Pen will definitely present your son to the public, but will do it later, when the kid grows up.

Recall that your wedding Denis and Nadia is strictly classified. “The offer Dennis, I did it for a month before we found out that are expecting a baby, — said Nadia in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”. — The proposal is made without flashy romance — without helicopters and ships. He knows I don’t like showing off. Just don’t want my husband under the Windows of the hospital were laid from balloons message or travelled in a car with the inscription “Thank you for baby!”. It’s not romantic, and corny. By the way, I immediately gave my consent. However, with a trip to the registry office as not in a hurry, but the sign still decided before the advent of our baby into the world. Convinced that the child must be born in marriage”.