Nadia Handle, were married

Надя Ручка, оказалось, вышла замуж
A week ago, the family of ex-member of the popular group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle happened happy event.

Надя Ручка, оказалось, вышла замуж

The singer and her lover Denys Boyarko son was born.

Now it turned out that shortly before birth, the couple formalized the relationship. For Nadia it was important that her first child was born after her passport a stamp about marriage.

Надя Ручка, оказалось, вышла замуж

“It all happened in a wonderful historic location – the Palace hall in Kolomenskoye. Were present only the closest friends, with whom we then just walked through the Park and sat in a cafe. No festivities on this occasion did not suit the wedding later, my dream is to do it on the coast,” said the singer.

It is worth noting that the couple named their son Lion.

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