Надя Ручка подарила супругу малыша
Today, the Network appeared information about the birth of the first child from participating in popular group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle.

Надя Ручка подарила супругу малыша

The singer and her boyfriend Dennis, Barco celebrate the completion of the family. So far, no information about birth not reported, but a young mother and baby feel good.

Надя Ручка подарила супругу малыша

“Waiting for the miracle. I don’t know why God gives me such cool friends, but I am a happy person… Happy to tears!” – Nadia shared in his microblog.

Of her pregnancy, the singer did not make the mystery and the whole period of expectation of the kid shared with subscribers his joy, posting pictures.

Congratulations to new parents with the birth of the long-awaited baby!

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