Надя Ручка грубо нарушила правила авиакомпании
The singer has gone on vacation with her husband, son and dog.

Photo: Instagram

The ex-soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle much of a surprise to fans of story about his travel. The singer for the first time with my husband and son went on holiday in a hot country. The little Girl will turn 5 months old, and his parents have decided it’s time to introduce your baby to the sea.

The question “who leave a dog” in front of the star family were not. Fedor is a very small dog, so take her with you on vacation is not difficult. However, the joint flight was a very “funny”.

“Today, a fun ride on the plane — said Handle. — Once I was glad that firmly attached to me but had eaten and slept, as under his feet started to shake, carrying with Fedoras. This little red dog literally tore the zipper of her bag and was already out! The way she slept between us. Don’t know, I saw her stewards, but we masked it as best he could. Poor guy was so happy to be with us that first ten minutes we licked her cheeks and looked into his eyes. It was difficult to it to understand why she couldn’t initially, just sit next to us: “We’re family!” if said Fedka”.

Fans singer first did not understand why it was necessary to hide the dog from the flight attendants. They decided that the singer secretly smuggled the animal on the plane! Many dog lovers immediately become interested in how the star did it. After all, judging by the photos and the dark chairs, the Handle with family flying in economy class, and accordingly any “special” conditions it could not be.

But Hope explained that Fedor was flying on a purchased ticket and an official passport, and all that. But in the regulations it is written that even the smallest dog when traveling in the cabin are obliged to spend the entire flight in a special carry. Violation of this paragraph threatens with serious problems, including fines and even inclusion in the “black list”. It is unclear why in this situation the singer still decided to tell the public about his “crime”, because social networks have long been following a special service. Known cases because of the publications in the Network even fired flight attendants from reputable companies. Who knows, maybe, now passengers can follow in a similar way.

Anyway, the flight was smooth, no comments Pen with the family from the stewards received, and the first journey of Lion in the company of beloved parents and dogs took place!