Nadia Handle first told about newborn son

Надя Ручка впервые рассказала о новорожденном сыне The singer shared a touching picture of a little Lion. Singer Nadia Pen told about their feelings of the young mother. The soloist of group “Brilliant” dissolved in love to the tiny heir, admitting that her whole world is turned upside down with his appearance in the world.
Надя Ручка впервые рассказала о новорожденном сыне

The soloist of group “Brilliant” Nadia Handle on 17 August for the first time became a mother. The vocalist has given his elect Denis Boyarko son named Leo.

As the singer admits, the birth of an heir made her the happiest in the world. Nadia Pen shared in the microblog first the newborn baby and talked about the emotions of a young mother.

“My world flipped and filled with love to the heavens, when I kiss these native gentle paws,” wrote Nadia Handle under the photo of the delicate heels of his son.

Fans of the singer were cut touching the frame and was quick to congratulate Hope with the addition to the family. “How lovely! Bless the Lord,” “Welcome, little piggies!”, “Hope, I congratulate you! Happiness is being a mom! And don’t stop for a second”, “Finally, then your world is divided – before and after! Happiness to you”, “This is happiness! I remember those feelings. Impossible to believe that you could live before without this man,” – responded the followers Nadia Handle on the first little Lion.

It should be noted that singer did not hide the pregnancy from the public and she informed fans about the birth of her son. His post, she thanked the medics who was with her during the appearance of levs into the light.

“Today, there appeared our baby, our girl. To convey feelings of motherhood, that fills the soul, it is impossible. But I really do want to thank these Holy men who helped see our son born. Today I realized how important the team of professionals. I was shaking like a leaf, but every minute spent with them, comforted by the credibility of their experiences and actions,” said Nadia Handle.

Recall first that the soloist of the popular group plans to have a first child, it became known in April. Then Nadia was on the fifth month of pregnancy. In an interview with “StarHit” the singer confirmed the happy news, but chose not to go into details. Last year beloved artist Denis made an offer to the singer. Immediately after that, the pair started a Grand renovation in the apartment. The actress said that she met a true love and ready for motherhood. Soloist of the “Brilliant” Nadia Handle will become a mother for the first time