Nadia Handle finishes the Grand renovation

Надя Ручка заканчивает грандиозный ремонт
Together with his beloved soloist of the “Brilliant” equips family nest.

Nadia Handle

Photo: Personal archive of the singer

Over the past few months popular
she is a true professional in repairs. In building supermarkets
she was greeted like a native. The reason is alteration, which Nadia and her Pen
the young man Denis started in his apartment last fall. Pair
planned to meet in the renovated apartment New year, but, as is always the
it happens in large-scale repair work was delayed. And residential view apartment
purchases only now. However, there is still a lot of little things that need
to finish in the near future.

“This apartment is up to
repair we spent more than two years. From repairs, to even imagine, could not
full scale of the disaster, — said Nadia Handle. — The house is very ordinary, the old, so the repair
it took capital, with full replacement of all communications, erection of new
structures, replacement of flooring and Windows. The deadlines some times the timing
postponed. In the beginning I had to change the team of builders, who for
a month has done almost nothing”.

Then had problems with plumbing and
had to do a full waterproofing.

“I learned so many new
terms, names of materials and tools that you hadn’t
guess, — says the singer. — Of course, a lot had to control yourself.
Dennis took turns on duty at the facility. Perhaps the most enjoyable, but also
the most tedious was the choice of finishing materials – is now
a variety of Wallpaper, floor coverings, tiles — just ran my eyes.
But we got a pretty clear idea of what colors are supposed to be in
the apartment, it significantly reduced the time of selection. Of course, the repair to finish
impossible, it can only be suspended. Still a lot of little things that
have to finish in the process of life. Now buy the first necessary
furniture to quickly move into his apartment.”