Надежда Сысоева спасает родного дядя от тюрьмы
The star of Comedy-a woman told about a family tragedy.

Надежда Сысоева спасает родного дядя от тюрьмы

Nadezhda Sysoeva

Nadezhda Sysoeva were in a very difficult situation. Through
the social network star Comedy-woman begs to help her family. Artist
reached out to fans through a personal blog where he told her first
uncle Pavlov Andrey Vladimirovich — the chief doctor of the Krasnoyarsk regional
clinical center of maternity and childhood was in prison. Sysoeva
says that her relative is unfairly accused of in the financial
fraud — illegal procurement of medicines. Hope urged
subscribers to sign a petition in support of the Pavlova.

“I’m for the first time in such a situation and not know what to do
our family! — says the actress. — If I have the opportunity to speak to
you, my friends, my followers, for support and to all those who remain
indifferent, I want to do it now. My name is Nadia Sysoev. Many I
familiar with a fun and cheerful Nadya from Namedelement. But
now I have a trouble, and I beg you to pay attention to
the situation that happened with my native uncle. My uncle — Andrey
Vladimirovich Pavlov is a respected doctor in Krasnoyarsk and Krasnoyarsk region. He saved
thousands of lives and given the opportunity to be born of a huge number of kids!
But now it is completely unfair to be accused of something he didn’t do!
Any financial schemes he did not create. He slandered. He is an honest man! He’s not
guilty! Please help to restore justice! Now there is a struggle
to change the measure of restraint to softer. Please sign the petition.
Each signature can help our family! We hope and believe in the objective