Nadezhda Sysoeva said, like fighting the main drawback of your body

Надежда Сысоева рассказала, как борется с главным недостатком своего тела
The TV star helps a professional coach.

Nadezhda Sysoeva

Photo: Instagram

Star Comedy Woman Nadia
Sysoeva, which is always very carefully treated to their health, admitted
fans that regularly works on fixing one defect of your body.

“The small flaws everyone has. Thus they are not
should be ashamed or afraid, — says the artist. — Enough to know them
to overcome. Sounds nice, almost academic. In fact we all, of course, too lazy
anything to do with them. I have a slight curvature of the spine,
and I began to visit the sports Studio, where it is correct. Of course,
special techniques — otherwise. I went there with great skepticism, but it turns out
classes only individual (already a plus), training simulators, I have these before anywhere
not seen is not a “one fitness”, “pretending to be” something more. Beginning
to engage, the coach showed everything you need to fix. Painted with it
the load that acts not only on the outer muscles, but deep
muscle layers are those muscles that just answer
for posture and the spine. Both in theory and in practice works!”

Sysoeva suited to the sport to realize that it is not
into pumping iron day and night, and chooses the training that she
tells the body.

serious I do not do, — said
Nadia — but I do exercises every
day, and in my free time I ride skateboards, roller skates, buying. If resting on
sea, be sure to choose a place to surf. But this
it cannot be that I fanatically three or four times a week went to the pool or
sports club. Although a couple of months ago, I became a personal trainer. But for
this was the reason: I was invited to participate in a photo shoot for cool
a men’s magazine. In addition to serious training I picked up a special meal
broken into five meals a day. My diet is then much has changed,
just the portions were bigger and the food is high-calorie. In the morning I had Breakfast porridge with
fruit or muesli, berries, day snacking nuts. Tried to share
proteins and carbohydrates, eat plenty of vegetables, including rough, not treated, such
raw carrots or beets.”

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