Надежда Сысоева поправилась, начав заниматься серфингом
Star Comedy Woman and show Love is on TNT shared, how to begin her morning.

Nadezhda Sysoeva

Photo: Press service of Comedy production

Figure 33-year-old actress with each passing year, more and more perfect. She says,
it’s not a diet, and active lifestyle, thanks to which it keeps your own weight — 47 kg height 170.

limit, — said Nadezhda Sysoeva. — I just don’t sit on the ground, not lying on the couch,
all the time going somewhere”. Than only Hope not
was fond of swimming, climbing, ballet, ballroom dancing, yoga, running… And for three years, her favourite sport — surfing. One day some friends took Hope with him in the youth sports camp in Sri Lanka and taught to stay on
the Board. The following year, she was very eager to develop skills further. Spent at surf camp for two months. Then remembered:
“In the morning I was surfing, in the evening went to
bike. Ate a lot of fruit and seafood and although I had big
physical activity by the end of the vacation… gained 6 pounds. Surprised
of course. But my family said that I’m prettier…”

Your normal weight, the actress quickly returned to servo not cold, on the contrary, even began to collect the Board — decided to make a collection. The main secret of a good figure considers daily exercise. The Hope told in social networks, where starts her day: “Calling the first alarm. Usually I need at least three to stand up. Immediately after waking on an empty stomach drink a glass of warm water, on the plan — a ten-minute charge, be sure to placket and a contrast shower. While cooking oatmeal, put on the face nourishing mask. After her face looks fresh and radiant, and the concealer goes on even better, which is very important for me, especially before filming. At the same time I brewed my favorite coffee, turn on the music and scroll through the tape in Instagram…”

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