Nadezhda Sysoeva manages Ilia state planning Committee Bachurin

Надежда Сысоева управляет Ильей Бачуриным The producer said that it delights in the beloved. In recognition of Ilya Bachurina, Nadezhda Sysoeva is unusual femininity, commitment and flexibility. Besides, the man finds a soul mate is very strong-willed, despite the fragile appearance.

For more than six months, the Director of “Glavkino” meets with the participant Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva. Lovers do not hide their feelings for each other and attend social events and share joint photos on social networks. Fans of the couple expect when Ilya will make a proposal to the girl, but celebrities are not rushing it and I believe that all the time. Recently Bachurin gave an interview in which he spoke about the second half. In recognition of the men he admires the artist.

Nadezhda Sysoeva explained why not in a hurry to marry Ilya Bachurina

“Nadia is extremely feminine in all its manifestations and in a variety of situations acts as, in my view, to behave like a true lady. She is able to rely on a man who is near, trust him without questions. She artfully pretends, that provides your man the role of first violin. Nadia sufficiently flexible, but always has an opinion and, if required, it necessarily stands for. In addition, it has another quality that my disarms women, – determination” – said Ilya.

The man also said that he likes girls who are curiosity and interest in the world. According to Bachurin, developing personality who has an idea where she’s going next, always interesting. “Nadia, by the way, this. Very strong willed, despite the mild stage image. Just imagine – she came from Krasnoyarsk and the capital was in one of the largest TV projects and honestly defend their right to participate in it,” shared the producer.

Recall that the rumors about the marriage of Ilya Bachurina and Hope Sysoeva appeared in early April. Then the secular parties were actively discussing the impending ceremony. Celebrities, who rarely comment on their relationship, he chose not to do loud statements about possible changes in family status. “StarHit” managed to contact Ilya, prosnuvshis speculation of the public. “No, we are not preparing for the wedding. We have Nadia’s beautiful, but the hike to the registry office it does not go”, – said the producer, having placed all points over “i”.

We also add that earlier there was public discussion of the novel by Ilya Bachurina and actress Ravshan Kursovoy. About the separation of the stars became known in early may of last year. In a recent interview, the producer said that they were trying to fight for the relationship. “But I guess we won. But for the past openly, without hypocrisy and game years, not ashamed, and not feel sorry for them. It was just love at first sight…” – said Ilya