Nadezhda Sysoeva explained why not in a hurry to marry Ilya Bachurina

Надежда Сысоева объяснила, почему не спешит замуж за Илью Бачурина Star Comedy show commented on the rumors about the engagement. Earlier journalists reported that the girl is going to marry Director General of “Glavkino”. However, Sysoev itself not rush things.

      Star Comedy Woman Nadezhda Sysoeva is in no hurry to get married. A number of publications reported that the actress is preparing for her wedding with Director General of “Glavkino” Ilya state planning Committee Bachurin. One of the fashion shows, held at the end of last week, the pair appeared together, and has attracted worldwide media attention.

      According to some, Bachurin and Sysoeva already living together and actively planning the wedding. “StarHit” called party to Comedy shows, to congratulate him on the approaching happy event. Embarrassed, Hope noted that it is not necessary to rush things.

      “It’s too early to talk about it,” he said in a telephone conversation.

      Sysoeva also did not confirm the information that they decided to live with the choice. “No, I have my own apartment,” – said the girl. Probably, the pair has not yet decided on whose territory they are comfortable the entire time. Ilya Bachurin has ceased to hide the affair with the Final of Comedy Woman

      Recall that the “StarHit” first reported on the affair Bachurina and Nadya from Comedy Woman started talking this summer. The pair were seen together in movies and on walks in the parks. Initially, the star concealed his novel, but after a couple of months I was no longer ashamed to show affection in public.

      “I was on the street and saw that they came to our cinema on the same machine. Immediately recognized Nadia from Comedy her I would anyone is not confused, and the satellite had to look, and then I realized that it was the former man my favourite actress Ravshan Kursovoy. They were on a night session – watched the movie “Goodfellas.” All the time holding hands, he was waiting for her at the toilet, then hugging… looking into an empty hall where there were about six, saw them kissing,” said eyewitnesses.

      By the way, Nadia ceased to suffer for the former young man. She is not afraid to take risks. “Every step, every action, even the most thoughtful can be wrong,” – said the artist. However, Sysoeva always upbeat and starts each day with a smile.