Nadezhda Sysoeva amazed evening dress

Надежда Сысоева поразила вечерним нарядом
Star Comedy Woman rated original production of “Queen of spades”.

Надежда Сысоева поразила вечерним нарядом

Nadezhda Sysoeva

Photo: Press service


Photo: Press service

In Moscow were closed premiere
the Opera promenade “Queen of spades”. The uniqueness of the production is that classic
the Opera was first presented in an immersive format, viewers are immersed in the
dramatic action of the immortal works of Alexander Pushkin and Petr
Tchaikovsky. The space of the mansion Goncharov-Filippov became
huge stage, the size of which in two and a half times more Great scenes

Interestingly, the “Queen of spades” became the world’s first Opera
presented in this original format. Work on it was two and a half
year. Only the Queen of spades involving dozens of
participants — soloists of leading Moscow theatres, the choir and live orchestra. Actors
along with the audience moved through the manor, where the gambling house, chambers
Countess’s room, her pupils Lisa and other rooms.

One of the first original production was evaluated by Nadezhda Sysoeva. Before you get to the space where is played out the mystical
drama, the actress donned a velvet bandage, and then took the hand, took him in
the first room, where she could look around. For the evening Sysoeva chose not the traditional
the outfit was more than appropriate for this event. Usually the girl
prefers to wear mini skirts or semi-transparent light dresses, but this time wearing evening
dress of black velvet, which she was incredibly.

Sysoeva liked the show, and especially to
details designed by set designer and decorators furnished. For example, the fact that every
performance can exactly visit 54 people. The figure is not random — exactly
as many cards in a full French deck. Enjoyed the star party and Herman,
after all, the protagonist of the Opera plays Peter nalitch. The latter noticed that it was difficult
to work due to immersive productions, but in the end, he coped with
your emotions. “We had to overcome the barrier of being surrounded by people that all
they go that we can step on each other’s feet, — shared the singer. — It
no need to ignore the audience nor the actors. I have only had a couple
performances. At first it was really tough. But psychologically I try
abstract. Tell yourself that no one is around. I should be ready
go through man.”