Nadezhda Mikhalkova has divorced Rezo Gigineishvili

Надежда Михалкова расторгла брак с Резо Гигинеишвили Actress and Director made the point in their relationship. The decision was handed down Monday in one of the capital’s judicial districts. Rumors that Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Rezo Gigineishvili, not all smoothly went, but the pair chose to refute them.
Надежда Михалкова расторгла брак с Резо Гигинеишвили

Monday, October 23, 380-m judicial district Presnensky district of Moscow issued the divorce of the daughter of Nikita Mikhalkov’s Hope and Director Rezo Gigineishvili. The spouses interviewed, and then given some time to think.

That the actress has decided to terminate the relationship with her husband, it became known last week. “StarHit” first reported about the decision of Hope Mikhalkova to leave her husband. A young woman has filed for divorce from Rezo Gigineishvili.

“It’s a big step from Nadi, said “StarHit” surrounded by the actress. – After all, Mikhalkov is famous for strong marriages who are trying to save in spite of everything. But here the relationship was given a crack – have nothing to patch… They’ve been trying to stay married just for the sake of the children”.

Rumors about difficulties in the relationships of celebrities being discussed in the press. In August of 2016 in the media appeared the news that Nadezhda Mikhalkova and Rezo Gigineishvili divorced. The journalists reported, citing its own sources. Later, the Director has denied this information. Gigineishvili, called such speculation “nonsense” and said they were untrue.

Надежда Михалкова расторгла брак с Резо Гигинеишвили

Later, the journalists noticed that the couple had stopped wearing a wedding ring. At the screening of “Hostage”, Gigineishvili and Mikhalkov chose not to pose together. However, in a recent interview, dedicated to the release of the acclaimed film, Rezo Gigineishvili again denied rumors of marital problems. When members of the media again contacted the Director to comment on the news about the divorce, he said he wanted to keep the family together. She Mikhalkov refused to speak about his personal life.

According to some reports, Gigineishvili was able to spin the affair with a fine lady and businesswoman Hope Obolentseva. In may, the brunette officially divorced tycoon Airat Isakov, so now it’s totally free woman. By the way, earlier Obolentseva attributed the fascination with Abramovich.

Hope Mikhalkov married Rezo Gigineishvili in April 2010. A half later the couple were married in Georgia. The actress and Director has two children – six-year-old Nina and four-year-old Ivan. Despite the fact that the spouses decided to separate, they continued to chat for heirs. Gigineishvili, he tries to spend his free time Ivan and Nina and driving kids to classes when work schedule allows.