Nadezhda Kadysheva told about plastic surgery

Надежда Кадышева рассказала о пластических операциях
The singer is persuaded to make a “new” face.

Nadezhda Kadysheva


Nadezhda Kadysheva says: his 58 years she has never resorted to plastic surgeons. The singer worried that if I decide to go “under the knife” may lose their individuality, which for the artist is very important.

However, many colleagues Kadysheva persuade her to have plastic surgery to “look younger” for ten years. However, the Hope looks younger than his age on the passport and does not need to “mutilate” themselves to redraw the face. “I believe that artists can’t a person touch! It’s a tool they need to work on…” — said the other day Hope.

But take care of the appearance using cosmetic preparations Hope he considers to be his right duty. She regularly makes home masks, is the best creams and also supports the beauty not only outside but inside. Kadysheva eats: its diet includes plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, she prepares for several days, consuming only fresh foods.

“I cook every day and do everything on time, all the time, because get up at six in the morning!” — shared Kadysheva with reporters “You wouldn’t believe!”.

Incidentally, husband of the artist — Alexander Kostyuk, supports a wife’s unwillingness becomes a “victim” of plastic surgery. He was pleased with how it looks Hope and without any surgical procedures.