Nadezhda Granovskaya was struck by the candid self

Надежда Грановская поразила откровенным селфи The ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” continues to surprise fans. Recently, the singer celebrated the anniversary and shared the page in the social network picture without makeup and driving, than has caused rough reaction of their fans.

      Recently, the sexy brunette from the Golden composition “VIA gra” was 35 years old. My birthday Hope to celebrate with the family: husband Michael, son Igor, daughters Anna and Mary.

      Many fans congratulated the actress on her social network pages. In his “Instagrame” Hope has published a bold selfie behind the wheel without a gram cosmetics, and in the comments to the photo, thanked followers for their kind words and wishes.

      “Happy to enter into middle-age, where I look forward to new twists of fate and surprises,” shared Wilson.

      The photo did not remain without attention of fans, who were delighted with the naturalness of the singer. “Pretty! The best, beautiful, sexy woman!” “That’s exactly what real women look like! Not those dolls, always beautiful both day and night, with tons of makeup and selfies in different poses. Thank you for your honesty!”, “Beautiful, gorgeous, attractive, stunning, delicate, strong, fragile”, “Perfect!” — wrote many enthusiastic reviews by the fans of the brunette.

      Hope Granovsky we all remember the image of the bright beauties one of the most exciting pop group – “VIA gra”. The girl had to leave the project several times due to waiting children. The first birth did not prevent Granovsky recover quickly and almost immediately to go on stage. However, after the second birth Hope did not return in the sensational project of Konstantin Meladze, in spite of the wildly popular trio. Instead, she began her career as a TV presenter on Ukrainian channel.

      Now Belle lives in Kiev, has three children, builds her solo career, staging plays, participates in the show and leads a very active life. Hope have long replaced the revealing outfits, sexy image bright and flashy makeup for a natural and reserved style, why its appeal has only multiplied. Many fans have noted that the role of the mother and wise wife, the brunette very well.