Nadezhda Granovskaya was justified for the haggard look

Надежда Грановская оправдалась за изможденный вид The star surprised fans with his thinness. The singer’s fans expressed concern about the status of Hope and can’t understand how six months after the birth of her third child the former member of the group “VIA Gra” began to look so orderly. Wilson explained why not getting better.

      Надежда Грановская оправдалась за изможденный вид

      Nadezhda Granovskaya, at 34, is considered one of the sexiest pop stars. By her figure and say that the singer’s raising three adorable children. The last child, a daughter Mary was born from businessman Mikhail Urzhumtseva in October 2015. It would seem that the star will have for a long time to get in shape after the birth of baby, however, Even very rapidly lost weight. It both surprised and thrilled her fans.

      According to star, is natural for her to lose the baby weight. Besides, the singer is not gaining many pounds during pregnancy. When she was waiting for the birth of Masha, she had gained 12 pounds, and in previous times – only 7. As the star mom starts to breastfeed, the extra weight quickly leaves and does not return. Granovskaya believes that I owe my slim and mobile life, as the diets she does not like to sit, and to go to the gym don’t always have time.

      However, every photo in the microblog Hope meets a flurry of compliments from the fans. “An example to follow. Perfect Nadia”, “Chic”, “Most beautiful,” I admire the beauty and gracefulness of the star her fans.

      Надежда Грановская оправдалась за изможденный вид

      Granovskaya not imagine my life without dancing. Recently, the singer began to do the tango. So star is preparing for an art show Historia De Un Amor (History of love”), which is scheduled for June. The actress has already shared footage from rehearsals, which she freezes in dance poses with colleagues at the scene. Admirers Granovsky looking forward to the premiere performances.

      Besides, not so long ago the Hope became the owner of his own clothing store. Prior to this things designer which was made by the singer, was sold only via the Internet, and in April Granovsky came of the show room.

      “Design boutique, in short, be described as “Argentine tango” – his wife also developed itself. At the opening of Nadia will also present a second capsule collection of clothing. She personally flies over the fabrics to the factory in Italy,” told about business of the spouse Mikhail Urzhumtsev.

      In the collection of Hope Meiher by Meiher was possible to find around 70 models of feminine things. Pencil skirts are made of guipure and lace, the tops decorated with lines of poetry Granovsky. All clothing is characterized by elegance and allows the woman to look seductive and stylish.

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