Nadezhda Granovskaya made his film debut in the role of 50-year-old woman

Надежда Грановская дебютировала в кино в роли 50-летней женщины This fall on one of the Central channels will show melodrama by Oksana Bayrak “Nothing happens twice”. The role of the protagonist the Director was looking for a bright beauty type, very similar to Hope Granovsky. At your own risk Bayrak decided to take a chance and was invited to the shooting of ex-vocalist of the group “VIA Gra”, which has no experience.
Надежда Грановская дебютировала в кино в роли 50-летней женщины

The experiment was a success. Hope literally burned the draft and have included in the images, which she had several. In the story, which covers a long time period. plays first the young woman, and then her own, but 20 years later.

It turns out to be an actress star dreamed of since childhood. The singer still remembers as a child came to grandma’s for the holidays and played. Once introduced, die…

“Here I am lying in bed, and are close to a beloved fictional character, says Wilson. – He’s with me forgiven. And suddenly felt sorry for him and herself, she began to cry. I was eight years old.”

Years later, Hope became famous thanks to the participation in the group “VIA Gra”. Began to receive various offers including the shooting of a movie. But further negotiations business did not go.

A year ago, the singer called the casting Director, film Director Oksana Bayrak and told about the project “Nothing happens twice”. Reported that Oksana sees Hope in one of the main roles. The star was delighted, but worried – because she had no experience. Then they met with the most Bayrak.

Надежда Грановская дебютировала в кино в роли 50-летней женщины

“She told me a story that I really liked, – says the newly minted actress. – I’m his heroine just fell in love! What her fate ambiguous, complex… The deeper she was immersed in the storyline, the became more interesting. Of course, immediately realized that the role of a complicated, emotional. Because I have been playing it in his youth, and 20 years later. It was interesting to try on the image of 55-year-old woman.”

Wilson repeatedly asked Bayrak, sure it your choice. The singer was worried about not cope. But the Director reassured her, explaining that even professional actors can not be removed from the first take. Moreover, Oksana advised the star to any teachers to apply for the courses not to go.

“She was lively, fresh character who adds Hope. – With Oksana was comfortable. It correctly puts the problem, you know you want to… the Heroine pass through itself. Somewhere hated, condemned. There was even an internal conflict. We virtually are not similar, except that the expression. I’m too emotional. And the rest – different people”.
Надежда Грановская дебютировала в кино в роли 50-летней женщины

At Granovsky was 15 days of shooting. Filmed in Kiev. In the story her character works on the Georgian frontier and seduces the boss gives birth to his daughter, but then the relationship is not glued. The military does not want to marry. Then she accidentally meets a young man of Eastern appearance and falls in love with him. In her life this is the first mutual love… all in the best traditions of melodrama.

“The first time it was important for me to relax, – continues eks-the soloist “VIA Gry”. – You need to experience the process, understand how to behave. I needed to cry a lot in the frame and I was worried: how I’m going to do it, because no experience? Then he dug in himself, pulled out the sad memories of the past, and the tears fell like a river”.

Artist husband, businessman Mikhail Urzhumtsev supported the star in the creative endeavor.

Recall that in 2015, Hope and Michael became parents for the second time. Granovskaya Urzhumtseva gave birth to daughter Maria. They also raise five-year-old Anna and 15-year-old son Igor from the first relationship the actress.

“He knows that I can’t live without the stage, and supports me in everything, especially when he sees the burning eyes, says Wilson. – I have a lot of plans. And the children are with mom and nanny while I work. Mom trust 200 %. With his son and daughters all the time. They know mom loves them. This is the main thing.”