Надежда Грановская планирует четвертого ребенка
The ex-soloist of the popular group “VIA Gra” Hope Granovsky three children grow up, although it’s hard to believe.

Надежда Грановская планирует четвертого ребенка

The singer looks just gorgeous, and manages to combine a career with raising children. In a recent interview she admitted that he is not averse to become a mother for the fourth time and again to experience the joys of motherhood.

Надежда Грановская планирует четвертого ребенка

“I manage to combine work and family. Children spend a lot of time. When my son was born, which in August it will be 16 years, it was difficult. At that time I still not fully grown, just started out, I had a lot missing. It was a difficult period. But now with children I spend a lot of time and very good feel. But I never planned. About to have another baby always say, “As God will!” I’ll be thrilled if it happens,” said Hope.

The singer 36 years old, the eldest son of Hope 16 years, and daughters Ann and Mary at 6 and 2 years.

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