Nadezhda Granovskaya hid his own wedding

Надежда Грановская скрыла собственную свадьбу
The singer first revealed a family secret.

Nadezhda Granovskaya

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Nadezhda Granovskaya so rarely speaks about his personal life that many
fans of the singer did not even know that she has several years is quite
other surname. Wedding photos star was not in any media: it turns out that because Nadia
married, not organizing the celebration. She secretly got married with businessman
Mikhail Urzhumtseva and knew not even her mother.

“Michael insisted, and offered to take him
the name, to me it is difficult in this regard is to insist
useless. But I did not refuse: I like to be Urzhumtseva, —
said the singer in an exclusive interview to magazine “7 Days”. — In Russia, I am known mainly for
alias Wilson, but in the passport is different. Wedding we
arranged. Just got in the car with the children, drove to the Registrar’s office and
signed. Even my mother learned about the incident “in fact”. On The Eve Of Misha
called a few friends and relatives invited to the restaurant
just sit, talk. Already in place, we announced to everyone that
got married. So there were no white dresses… you Know, I’m such a weirdo
the girl who never wanted to marry. It was funny that my 16-year-old
classmates dream of a veil, and make plans for the future life. They
I listened to the group “Ivanushki International”. And I Montserrat
Caballe, “Habanera”. In my head I only had music and dancing, I
waltzed. And more thought out rooms.

By nature I’m a loner. And that’s when Misha
I offered to marry you, I just could not decide how to treat this. With
the one hand, I understood that this man is my destiny.
And on the other I’m still not attracted to the idea
marriage, I did not like it. I guess I’m too free-spirited. So
was born. Always loved to be by myself, to be able to retire and
quietly do what I like, and no one interfered. But still
heart consulted with the mind, and I said to Mike “Yes.

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interview with Nadezhda Meyher-Granovsky read in the new issue of the magazine “7 Days”.