Nadezhda Granovskaya debuted in the film

Надежда Грановская дебютировала в кино
Popular singer got his first role.

Hope Meyher-Granovskaya

Hope Granovsky can safely
to call the handyman. Most fans know her as a talented
singer, but she is also a poet, and designer, most recently the Director of your own
show, and besides — aspiring actress. Famous film Director Oksana Bayrak
offered the Hope of a big role in the movie “Nothing happens twice”, which
will be released in 2018.

“The role is amazing, very charismatic! My
character — the caretaker Raisa, — said the artist — Events begin to unfold in the 90s on the Georgian frontier.
Then there is a jump in 20 years, I live in the frame of several
ages, it’s very interesting! Why I still liked the role she’s emotionally
very of amplitude, and in addition, it does not intersect with my real
life. Raisa is my antipode. She seduced the major, bore him
daughter, but there’s no way he won’t marry her. She is a woman is quite cunning, she
falls in love with a young guy… you Know, briefly tell us very difficult,
really because there are so many sorts of entanglements and situations, from
absolutely tragic, to downright comical. But, from the feeling
they are incredibly worldly.

What’s remarkable acting
composition! Anton Batyrev, Maxim Drozd, Irina Efremova. Itself Oksana,
of course, a wonderful Director with whom I had a blazing chemistry.
We love each other very feel, I feel what tasks she puts in front of me,
and I try to embody them. Of course, this is very important, from
how do you feel the Director, as you can hear it in General, and
depends on how credible will your role”.