Nadezhda Ermakova was shocked by a snapshot after breast enlargement surgery

Надежда Ермакова шокировала снимком после пластики груди The star of “House-2” comes to life. Nadezhda Ermakova has undergone surgery to increase your Breasts a few sizes.

      Nadezhda Ermakova since the participation in the “House-2” tended to self-improvement. The star project, which is already not the first year working on the telestroke casting Director, decided on another change in appearance. She was operated on the Breasts.

      Plastic surgery for breast augmentation Hope was almost in front of her followers. The girl reported to them via their page on Instagram every step of the way. Of course, as soon as she regained consciousness after anesthesia, he immediately took a selfie in the hospital room.

      “Thanks to everyone who supported them! I woke up after anesthesia! The pain is bearable, all right,” – she wrote. However, the shape of the stars “House-2” are so shocked its subscribers that they picked up words of support to their sweetheart. “Nadya, well done, gorgeous! In three days it will be easier, hang in there! Come in, have a rest”, “the Main thing is the first three days to survive. First, of course, hell. Especially if under the muscle. Then it is easier,” wrote Yermakova some girls.

      Video published Nadezhda Ermakova (@ermakovan) APR 7 2016 5:44 PDT

      Of course, among the followers Ermakova found many, who gloated that she now difficult. The most sarcastic characters noticed a new breast size are unlikely to lead to happiness in your personal life.

      On a similar negative Hope tried not to pay attention. But she described their feelings. “Hurt like hell, waiting for the bandaging, a day later began to appear the appetite. Reassure yourself that everything broke down and I have! Force yourself to walk,” she shared.

      Recall that during participation in the project is not devoid of natural charm and Hope felt strong complexes because of the unusual shape of the nose. Watching her eyes change their appearance other participants telestroyki, Yermakova could not decide on this serious step. Just outside the perimeter, she still had a rhinoplasty, after which many fans barely recognized her. By the way, in the “House-2” Nadia had success with the opposite sex, even met with Alexander Gobozova. However, family life with none of the men she has not emerged.

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