Nadezhda Ermakova has surprised fans with an intimate photo

Надежда Ермакова удивила поклонников интимным фото Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has posted a racy picture on social networks. Half-naked Hope does not hide his sexuality. Subscribers to its microblog contradictory reacted to the frame: some admired the forms of girls, while others criticized it for its frankness.

      Ex-participant of “House-2” Nadezhda Ermakova does not hesitate to share with your subscribers intimate shots. Some time ago, the girl increased her chest and then showed the result on the page in a social network. Now striking blonde decided to show another part of the body.

      Nadezhda Ermakova bared Breasts after plastic surgery

      Ermakov posted a photo where she poses back. From the clothes the girl is wearing only a white transparent shirt in a boxy cut. Hope looks to the side, slightly lowered eyes. Such shooting is called boudoir photo shoots: the footage shows the beauty and sensual sexuality of the female body. The model itself was pleased with the resulting photos. Hope admitted that “mega cool” on this image.

      Some of the followers of ex-member of reality show found that the explicit, and the girl shouldn’t have post it in the social network. However, the photographer who staged the shoot Hope, personally responded to the criticism unhappy. “This is a unique type of photo shoot that accentuates femininity and saving the fingerprint individuality model. We crossed the verge and didn’t even shoot Nudes. Although, if you have time, can go to the Museum, look at the classics. In his paintings they depict women naked, more frankly! Look at the works of the sculptors of Ancient Rome, there is not every man, it is a Fig leaf there. Photography is also an art, don’t forget about it,” wrote the Creator of the images.

      Some time ago, Yermakova told why it is sometimes necessary to correct defects of appearance in photos in a graphics program. “Before, in photoshop I removed the pimples, in thirty years has been to remove fine facial wrinkles! I think girls with lively facial expressions on the face I understand. Up to 30 nothing of the procedures do, even the result is not used, it seemed to me, so I look young. But time goes, and I’m not Benjamin button,” admitted Hope. After this post, she has completed a regular course of treatments to rarely edit photos.