Надежда Борисова поразила фотографией со взрослой дочерью
The actress showed fans a 15-year-old Xenia.

Photo: Instagram

Nadezhda Borisova struck a fresh picture of your daughter not only fans, but also some colleagues. The star of the show “Betrayal” isn’t often advertise the fact that she has a grown daughter. Just doesn’t want to she was attention. In the end, even some colleagues of the actress were not even aware that she is a mom.

For example, the actress Olga Khokhlova, despite the photo caption, “daughter”, decided to inquire whose child it is. And was shocked by the response of Hope: “Mine!”

Xenia had turned 15 years old, but she looks, like all young people today, much older. And when you consider that Nadezhda Borisova nobody gives her almost 38 years, the mother and daughter look friends. And, by the way, which one is older you will not understand!

Borisova gave birth to a daughter in 2002 from her first husband, actor Boris Mironov. When Hope went to live with her current husband, actor Alexei Kravchenko, She was a little girl. But she immediately took “your new daddy.” Kravchenko all these years, raised her as his own.

“I am happy that I have a daughter, that’s my continuation. Ksyusha gets on well with his youngest son Alexis — Matthew. And senior just proud,” said Borisov in an exclusive interview to the magazine “Caravan of stories”.

Children have Hopes and Alexei yet, but loved ones we hope that they will become parents. Two years ago, Borisov and Kravchenko were married in the Church, but the official registration of marriage they never had.

“It will happen, but later!” say the actors.