Nadezhda Babkina showed his luxurious mansion

Надежда Бабкина показала свой роскошный особняк The artist was a participant of the program “While all houses”. During the recording of the broadcast she talked about how she lived in a country house. Her heir shared details of the construction of the home. He said what prompted him to create a country mansion.

      Надежда Бабкина показала свой роскошный особняк

      Nadezhda Babkina does not hide that it stays happy in a third marriage for 13 years. Next to her is the heir of Daniel, and his wife and three children. For a long time the son of people’s artist didn’t know what kind of housing to build for his mother. He admits he has long wanted to move mom into the big house, so that she could feel as comfortable as possible.

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      The famous singer praises the efforts of the son, and assures that the future project of the mansion was engaged in it personally. She, according to her, no part was not approved because Daniel wanted to make the parent a kind of gift. The man reported that some time still remained doubts about the house. It was important to Gorky spent in town at least a few days a year, then it would make sense to do the construction.

      Надежда Бабкина показала свой роскошный особняк “We sat down at the table. And I asked my mother: “Well, what do you think, if you at least three days will be able to stay in a country house? If Yes, then it’s worth it”. Mom has long been worthy of the residence. If you have an idea, a concept of repair of an apartment or house, then everything begins to sit down and line up by itself”, – told Daniel the presenter of the program “While all houses” Timur Kizyakov.

      As noted by the presenter, Daniel is so interested in the construction of housing for the mother that, perhaps, familiar with every area in the house and able to give exact figures on this or that criterion. Daniel did not deny that carefully monitor the process, carefully studied the materials used in laying the Foundation and walls. The idea, according to Daniel, was laid on the historical task, which eventually collapsed, leaving walls and columns.

      Надежда Бабкина показала свой роскошный особняк “After you destroyed the house leaving only the foundations, columns and some walls in the interior. Around this was built a new wooden house. Tooltips have been added to the interior and exterior”, – said the heir of Hope Babkina in the program.

      Apparently, Nadezhda Babkina in delight from the house and takes guests there, and also collects a band. Daniel said as soon as they arrived at the mansion, they had no doubt that they like it here. They have, according to men from the beginning have the impression that they have always lived.