Nadezhda Babkina refused the wedding with a young lover

Надежда Бабкина отказалась от свадьбы с молодым избранником
People’s artist explained why not, she married Eugene Hill.

Hope Babkin and Eugene Mountains

Photo: @Instagram ngbabkina Hope Babkin

Lady Gaga openly admitted that he twice refused the offer of marriage to Eugenia Hill. Roman folk artist with a young chosen one has lasted for 14 years, but lovers has never officially registered relations. Many thought that Eugene does not dare to take the famous singer wife, and was married to refuses the Hope.

Babkin explains his reluctance to go again under the crown just a stamp in the passport greatly affects relationships. According to the artist, the wedding might ruin the mutual understanding between them over the years, and she really wouldn’t want that. Because Hope cherishes feelings for Eugene, it will not be to marry again.

“Many say that the notorious stamp does not change anything, but I think it introduces significant changes in people’s lives. Now we are so good together, and I’m not sure I’m ready to make a change. This responsibility I will destroy. I need freedom, and in this respect I feel like a total free bird!”, — told the Hope in the program “Honestly Yuri Nikolayev.

Recall that some time ago in secular circles spread rumors about the breakup of Hope and Eugene. However, the Hope has denied gossip of ill-wishers. Babkin says that incredibly happy due to the fact that Gore is not “strangling” her with his love. “We have free space. We’ve got each other in front of the eyes, — says people’s artist. — For example, Jack feels he can’t mess with me, I’d rather be alone and leaves. And then comes back and all we have, as before, well -“