Надежда Бабкина выпустила коллекцию зимней одежды
Singer stitched winter outfits for fat women.

Nadezhda Babkina

Nadezhda Babkina presents
winter clothes for owners of magnificent forms. September 2, the singer will present
the third consecutive collection of trendy clothes in the Russian winter. XXI century”.

The combination of
elegance, style and comfort has been thought out to the smallest detail, with love
selected and specially for this collection is painted by individual order
noble colours available: black, powdery pink, color ivory, Tiffany.
Stylish finishes natural fur and pearls give a sense
nobility and refinement.

In the development
the collection of Nadezhda Babkina participated: she chose
tissue, determined the color palette for future dresses and suits tried on personally
each model followed the production process. “I want to see all
it was perfect!”, — said Babkin.

“Time does not stand still, everything changes, including
Russian fashion, — says Nadezhda Babkina. — Our women now look different.
Our style and way of life became closer to Europe. But still we have left
Russian spirit, core, and special grace, characteristic of Russian women.”

Recall the first time Hope made his debut as fashion designer
in December 2015, presenting a collection of clothes for ladies in the body “don’t be shy
to be beautiful”.

“There are all sorts of
faux – good armholes, tucks, patterns, colors. It’s all about fabric,
holds its shape, even if it is very thin — I’m sure folk artist. —
Flimsy Jersey always gives us treacherously. But I tried to develop
jerseys enough free form – a completely different song!”

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