Надежда Бабкина создала пальто для пышных дам

The singer decided to take care of winter wardrobe our women and developed a luxury line of clothing.

Most of us associate winter with gray, blue and brown colors. Dirty in the street, and the mood or to hell from the cold… the host of “Fashion verdict” singer Nadezhda Babkina decided to break this vicious circle faded things and developed a collection of exquisite ladylike coat.

His first capsule for corpulent women Babkina introduced in December last year, the second – line of clothing for office – demonstrated this spring, but now the adventurous singer took up winter wardrobe, namely down coats that are not only warm but also beautiful.

Together with the Russian premium brand NAUMI Nadezhda Georgievna has developed a collection of “Russian winter. XXI century” Luxe for women with curvaceous.

“We love experimenting with style, so boldly introduced in our collection that is close to Russian women – extravagance, sensuality, moderately bright colors, fur, feminine silhouettes, reminiscent of ladies of Russian fairy tales, but a modern execution”, – said Babkin.

According to the singer, a new line of clothes is a combination of elegance, style and comfort, the attention to the smallest detail, finishing of natural fur and pearls, even fabric painted custom noble colors: black, powdery pink, color ivory, Tiffany. The collection will be available in the near future.

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