Nadezhda Babkina admitted, why avoid marriage with Eugene Gore

Надежда Бабкина призналась, почему избегает брака с Евгением Гором The singer became a guest of the program “Honestly”. Communicating with Yury Nikolaevym, she told me how is life together with her lover. It turned out that the couple have good reason not to officially register their Union.
Надежда Бабкина призналась, почему избегает брака с Евгением Гором

Hope Babkin and Eugene Mountains have been together for 14 years, but not in a hurry to the Registrar. Fans of the singer initially doubted the strength of this Union, but the lovers were able to prove the sincerity of his feelings. In almost every interview, the actress confesses his love to the elect, and stresses that they live well and without a stamp in the passport.

Becoming the guest of the program “upon my word,” Babkin told about why does not want to go to the registry office. As it turned out, the star is afraid of excessive responsibility.

“Many say that the notorious stamp does not change anything, but I think it introduces significant changes in people’s lives. Now we are so good together, and I’m not sure I’m ready to make a change. This responsibility I will destroy. I need freedom, and in this respect I feel like a total free bird,” said people’s artist.
Надежда Бабкина призналась, почему избегает брака с Евгением Гором

But Hope stresses that they have with Eugene very good relationship. They genuinely love each other, so do not need to conventions.

Said the artist about a funny incident concerning their possible marriage. Walking on the occasion of a friend, Babkina managed to catch the bride’s bouquet, which was quick to inform the chosen one.

“I came home, Jack was asleep. Showed him the bouquet and said that now we have to get married. He replied: “Nagy, you’re crazy”. Then took it and fell asleep again. So this story ended,” recalled the star.

Fans believe that Hope and Eugene happy together no stamps in the passport, so they support the idol’s reluctance to marry. “Why do they need a wedding? It seems Babkina and Mountains for a long time all and all proved”, “a Beautiful couple. Eventually they even become similar to each other,” “Very sincere people who love the profession. Marriage really change the relationship, so if you are ready for it, no need to take this step”, – shared his opinion of the fans of the stars.

Now lady Gaga not only performs with ensemble “Russian song”, but also has worked as a presenter in the popular program “Fashion verdict”. Despite the enormous employment, the singer is trying all the free time to spend near the beloved.

“He is always praising me. Tells me how good I am, beautiful,talented. It’s very nice,” said Hope.