Надежда Ангарская мечтает похудеть до 48 размера
Star Comedy Woman spoke about the weight issues.

Lera Dergileva, Nadezhda Angarskaya, Maria Ivanova

Photo: press service of the TV channel “Friday!”

postroynevshaya star Comedy show “Comedy Woman” Nadezhda Angarskaya admitted the host of “Friday Morning”,
not willing to end the fight with excess weight.

actress and singer Nadezhda Angarskaya visited on the set of the morning show
TV channel “Friday!”. In conversation with the Hope of leading the program
Maria and Valeria Ivanova Dergileva, of course, could not fail to note
beautiful appearance of the stars, which managed to lose about 30
pounds. However, in response to compliments Angara shared with
girls even more ambitious plans for the future, saying that
has no plans to stop there.

not arguing that I look good. But I could look better and
freer to feel if I had a size 48 clothes” —
star. It is worth noting that in your weight loss Hope still makes
focus on health, not the cherished numbers on the scale.

bbw say that I feel great when weigh 180
pounds, that’s not true! said Angara. Is and diabetes,
and pressure and all in a heap! And we still need to raise grandchildren”.