Раскрыта тайна отца ребенка Анны Калашниковой
Godfather of the baby was a businessman and musician Andrei Kovalev.

Раскрыта тайна отца ребенка Анны Калашниковой

Anna Kalashnikov and Andrey Kovalev

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The name of a former bride of Prokhor Chaliapin again at the hearing. After the singer
refused to accept father’s obligations to her tiny
son Daniel, he instantly found a replacement. Prochorus decided to replace close
each Kalashnikova, poet, musician and businessman Andrey Kovalev. However, we are not
talking about the adoption of the boy — the kid has a legitimate, biological father, and
his name is Anna still hides. Immediately after the scandal and canceled the wedding
when Chaliapin learned that the child was not his own, he volunteered to become his godfather,
however, promises are not kept. The second father son Anna Kalashnikova was Andrew

We will remind, relations between Prokhorov and Anna in the spring and early summer was watched by all country. Live show “Let them talk”
it became known that
child his bride Anna Kalashnikova was not born from him. Singer
was extremely surprised by this fact, he immediately called off the wedding, and to forgive his
sweetheart does not want to hear. “I am 32 years old. I decided to dismiss all
around themselves and start life with a clean slate, said Chaliapin in one
a television interview. — Today I can’t
forgive Anya. The worst thing is that suffering of an innocent baby. I’m ready
to communicate with family Ani, and with the child, because it is not foreign to me
people. I don’t know how to respond to what makes Anya, she says set
incomprehensible and incoherent words. Anya and drowning in shame. No wedding
will be.” Singer also said that he is opposed to small
Daniel wore his middle name and surname. However, he was ready to become a godfather
the boy’s father.

Anna Kalashnikova and Prokhor Chaliapin

Photo: Instagram

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