Mystery of the divorce of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt

Раскрыта тайна развода Анджелины Джоли и Брэда Питта
The media published a sensational investigation.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


Many fans of Jolie and pitt shocked. One of
reporters overseas edition of Star
unearthed a real sensation. New information allows you to see the divorce
Angelina and brad in a whole new light. According to Star, Jolie is already almost half a year found
with another man!

The informant of the edition claims that about six
months ago Angelina met at a charity events
with a certain very wealthy man. He comes from one of the middle East
countries, but educated in Britain, more specifically in Oxford. His name is not called,
since new Beau Jolie is a married man, and such a scandal to him
completely useless. Indeed, although the wife’s new boyfriend Angelina know
affair of your husband, divorce him, she does not intend to give. So the only
the result, which may result in disclosure of his name — it damage it
reputation as a solid businessman. According to the publication, Beau Jolie
extremely rich, his fortune is estimated at more than a billion dollars.

As told to Star reporter, a source close to the family
actress, Angelina recently confessed everything to brad, and it happened
on the eve of the ill-fated flights of spouses with children from France to the United States.
Allegedly, pitt took the news is not easy: he lost his temper and made
a terrible scene of jealousy. After this recognition, brad completely lost
self-control, which led to a series of quarrels with Angelina, the last of which
broke out on the plane. Clearly not quite sober pitt then began to accuse Jolie
the kids and Maddox rushed to protect his mother, just got “under the hot hand”
Pitt. After that, brad was accused of using “physical force” against the son…

By the way,
this story is indirectly confirmed by the information of another edition the reporter who said the
before that, according to him, pitt vs Jolie has some mysterious
“compromising” who doesn’t want to use it because everyone else hopes
that Angelina allowed him to apply for joint custody of the children. Throughout
visibility under the “dirt” meant that history affair Jolie…