Раскрыта тайна наследства Нины Дорошиной
It became known who will get the Moscow apartment of the legendary actress.

Nina Doroshina

Photo: New person

Today it became known who will get the inheritance
people’s artist of the RSFSR of Nina Mikhaylovna Dorosini, who departed this life 21
April at the age of 83 years.

It is no secret that children, the actress was not. Second husband
celebrity Volodymyr Ishkov, the master of the world in theater “Contemporary”, which
she lived for about 20 years, died in 2004. Her mother died five
years ago at the age of 101 years.

Daughter mother younger brother of actress Eugenia (her
also called Nina), chose the acting profession, but, alas, died of a stroke in
the age of 24.

This is a terrible story, of course, undermined the health
Eugene: he, too, had a stroke,
from which he never recovered. For him since his wife is caring.

Suffered after that loss and she is Nina:
she suffered a heart attack.

Another niece of Dorosini, 48-year-old Olesya, together
with her husband and two children lives near Gelendzhik. She regularly visited Nina
Mikhailovna, who also wanted to her to come to visit, but the doctors forbade
the actress to be in a warmer climate.

People’s artist of the RSFSR for his career in the theatre and
movie made only a modest Moscow apartment, which will accrue to the family of her
brother. According to estimates of realtors, the approximate value of the property
is 9 million rubles.