“Mysterious passion”: what difficulties faced the creators of the series

«Таинственная страсть»: с какими трудностями столкнулись создатели сериала On the painting worked for five years. The idea of a film adaptation of the novel of Vasily Aksenova “Mysterious passion” appeared in 2011. However, the producers had to overcome many difficulties to capture and release the picture.

      «Таинственная страсть»: с какими трудностями столкнулись создатели сериала

      On the First channel a success in the TV series “Mysterious passion”, which was filmed on the novel by Vasily Aksenov. The picture tells about the difficult relationship between the poets of the sixties. The cast is replete with famous names. The series starred Filipp Yankovsky, Chulpan Khamatova, Yulia Peresild, Sergey Bezrukov, Aleksey Barabash, and many others. “StarHit” decided to gather interesting facts that happened on the set.

      Work on the adaptation of the novel was conducted over five years. Elena Paradise four years ago I wrote the script. Producer Denis Evstigneev came on the idea to implement the pattern with the filing of Konstantin Ernst. The filmmakers do not hide the fact that adaptation for television of the plot of the book was not so easy. They changed the names so that the viewer can only guess who of the poets involved. Also, the producers had to create a storyline and add excerpts from the book. But script writers be warned, the historical authenticity of the series is no different, as it there is fiction.

      «Таинственная страсть»: с какими трудностями столкнулись создатели сериала

      The many challenges faced while filming in the city streets. Because of the constant reconstruction of Moscow there are very few houses and streets in a manner that was half a century ago. And if you find some of the props did not work, then change the plastic Windows and iron doors had using computer graphics.

      “Shooting today in Moscow the 60 or 70 years is a difficult task. As a resident I’m glad the capital was modern, comfortable, and as a filmmaker I was very hurt because to remove the kind became impossible. Plastic Windows, air conditioning, iron doors have been adjusted using computer graphics. But the worst part is the tile. When she was smaller, we tried to resort to disguise, fell asleep, and now she’s everywhere and had to give up. Often the streets of Moscow we filmed in St. Petersburg, because there still remained a need porches and yards. Props problems much less. Preserved many things of that era. Something easy to do yourself. We have the picture in picture move the phone booth kiosks “Soyuzpechat”, water dispensers. But the easiest way with machines. There are firms that will provide as many vehicles as you need. Just pay,” – said the producer in an interview.

      «Таинственная страсть»: с какими трудностями столкнулись создатели сериала

      Shooting was conducted on the streets of different cities, including Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, and also in some settlements of Crimea. It is on the Peninsula, the actors faced severe conditions. However, for the sake of the picture, they were forced to put up with the weather.

      “Worked in July, at the peak of the heat, and the temperature in the shade was 35 degrees. We have a second Director fainted, the makeup was bad. I got heat stroke and almost got Sunny. But it was incredibly beautiful. Amazing in Koktebel nature, and it’s completely understandable why there loved to go to rest with the poets,” said Philip Jankowski, who played a major role in the movie.

      Despite the crisis in the film industry, “a Mysterious passion” has a stellar cast. Even the fact that the organizers could not offer such a generous fee, did not stop the famous artists to take part in the shooting. Producer sure that some felt honored to be in such an interesting project, and even their overloaded schedule does not become an obstacle.

      “With the right agent and a second Director is always possible to find time for filming. Moreover, all the artists really wanted to work on our project and to touch the history of men of genius who have not lived, and burned the whole decade, and from this flame were born wonderful poems. Not going to name names, but some of the actors lost a significant amount of material because the shooting occurred in the crisis year and the fees were greatly curtailed, however, none of them abandoned their role,” said Denis Evstigneev.